Loyal Wrought Iron Co., Ltd is a leading wrought iron manufacturer which specializes in wrought iron gates, fences, railings, and doors. The company was founded in 1993 and today it has over 500 employees, with 4 different factories located across mainland China, as well as the 4 offices in its corresponding major cities.


Loyal Iron Doors established in 2000, is a global branch of LOYAL Group. 

Loyal Iron Doors, Inc is a product line of Loyal Wrought Iron Co., Ltd which focuses on promoting iron doors. It is a sector which combines manufacturing, marketing, and customer service all in one. There are more than 30 different display rooms located across mainland China, covering all major cities and some suburban cities. Our products mainly target new construction homes in those areas.

Loyal Iron Doors, Inc also has a rich international export background. Since the establishment in 1993, Loyal has shipped its doors to Europe, Australia, and also the United States. Loyal is also a long time partner with Disneyland with its ornamental iron works, we have gates, fences, railings, and doors displayed in Disneyland Anaheim California, and Disneyland Hong Kong.

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Dear customer,

Thank you for visiting our English website. I am excited that customers and builders can n ow find us, the manufacturer, directly; and see and learn about where their products come from. I am sure you will appreciate the high quality work we do. Loyal imports the best m achinery for production and hires the best craftsmen for forging. Many of our technologie s are cutting-edge in the industry. All our iron frames are made by machines to create an accurate and clean frame. All our doors go through industry leading electrophoresis anti- rust treatment which was initially used for anti-rust treatment on cars. We also have many other features in our doors that we will introduce in our FAQ section. You can see many o f these processes in our video. We have worked successfully with many communities in Chin a to install iron doors in their communities and increase the value of their homes. We h ope in the short future we can work with more doors & windows stores, builders and onlin e distributors across Northern America.

If you are a builder, window & doors company, individual customer, or someone who is interes ted in our doors, feel free to contact us. I look forward to working with you.

Yours truly

James Yan

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